Cedric Scott

Cedric Scott

Legal Advisor and CEO #3

Cedric (pronounced see-drick) M. Scott is the oldest daughter of Charles L. Butler and Reverend Glenda J. Butler. She has four adult children: Darnell, Travell, Jaleesa and Julian and six grandchildren: Darrien, Nalaya, Eden, Isabella, LaLonnie and Khalil Semaj.

She has been a Facilitator/Presenter at the Ministry since 2007. She has a strong passion for helping other individuals, especially women, to be successful in three areas of their lives: personal, professional and spiritual. On 6/10/2015, she created a non-profit organization called ANEW Pathways. The organization focuses on advocating the needs of every woman by assisting them with acquiring resources and services and advocating for policy changes to existing social services programs to transition them and their families to economic and emotional sustainability.

Cedric has been employed with the State of Texas for over 10 years. In 2010, she transferred to Texas Department of Public Safety and is currently a Program Manager III in the Administration – Policy & Planning Division. On 4/30/2015, Cedric became a member of the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society for outstanding academic achievement at Texas State University and her education background consists of the following:

Currently, a graduate student at Texas State University, where she is pursuing a doctoral degree in the Adult, Professional and Community Education (APCE) program. Her expected graduation will be in December 2017.

She represented Texas State University at the 2014 annual American Association for Adult & Continuing Education conference last November in Charleston, South Carolina. Cedric conducted a roundtable on diversity and the title presentation was on Workplace Diversity: Creating Inclusion Instead of an Illusion. She is also the creator of the Mind Stimulation Activity: Alphabet Challenge©. The activity utilizes the alphabet to teach the concepts of diversity and provides different approaches in making people aware and engaging them in discussing diversity concerns in the workplace. This activity can be used in other settings beyond the workplace to address and have dialogue about diversity and inclusion issues. For example: churches, community development, community relations, counseling, higher education, social justice, etc.

• Masters of Science Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS) degree with a concentration in Occupational Workplace Leadership Studies from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, on August 11, 2011.

• Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree in Criminal Justice from Stephen F. Austin State University on 12/18/1999.

• Philosophy Certificate – Professional Ethics issued on May 15, 2010.

• Mediation Certificate issued on December 15, 2007. This certificate is recognized in the state of Texas as a Mediator.

Contact Information: cedricscott41@gmail.com or CS1555@txstate.edu

“Success is living your life to the fullest and accomplishing all of your goals; despite your current circumstances or situation.”
Quote by Ms. Cedric M. Scott